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Aging into Your Creative Side

Updated: Feb 4

We all experience various societal beliefs as we age, and I have been an admirer of people who continually break the age barrier and experience great achievement as they explore and find who they really are deep inside.

Creativity and success later in life is an elusive idea to most. It is as if the word retirement has a STOP sign associated with it and suddenly, we are to stop living. Scarcity thinking is all around us making us feel we will run out of money and essentially our lives before we finish. Are we to listen to society? I say no and that is where dreaming and possibility come into view.

According to an article in Psychology Today women experience deeper creativity beginning in their 50’s. I am certainly living this pattern as I began an additional educational journey when I was 53! I began exploring other avenues and abilities beyond my title as a physical therapist leading me to walk the road I am on now. The article expands on the notion of how a person learns and aspects of the personality that propels them to move into the creative zone. The difference again in my trajectory is that of moving through steps and analyzing what happened, refining and moving forward again. So, the ascent can feel long to me, yet I am clearer on the next step. As we all know, many small things add up to a large thing in anything we do. I invite you to review the article to determine where you are to bring peace to your process.

And so, it comes to where you are in your life and how coaching can benefit. Do you have unfulfilled dreams as you move into another chapter of your life? Maybe some talents you would like to develop? Perhaps you are just seeking. All things lead to heightened well-being for yourself and those around you! Let's explore together to bring life into view!

I am here!!

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