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Cascade of the Why

Updated: Nov 10

The word cascade as in flowing water or ideas have been in and out of my mind for several days and today the word came in with why. I realize I have asked myself why many times these past few weeks as I move in the direction I am taken.

Asking why in a series allows me to drill deeper into a topic. In addition, the why may vary as I grow, adapt, and relate to aspects of my life that are changing continually. When asked what I can accomplish as a coach and why I began this path, I can only say that many aspects of the nature of my offering are genetic I believe.

My parents were not coaches, they were public accountants, however, they were objective listeners and “coached” many people in finance and life events in general. My dad was known for arriving at his office by 630 in the morning and I know he talked to many of his clients who were also his friends before the day even began. My mother took on the role of financial educator for her friends who lost their husbands and had no idea how to manage their finances and she did it freely from her heart in addition to her other job duties.

So, here I am thinking of a cascade of events that shifted the why I have from a general focus as a practicing physical therapist to a specific focus of individual well-being. My view has been filled with tired, stressed-out individuals who were unable to find their footing in a society fueled by continual distractors from life. The uneasiness led to disease for many including my own family. It is then my experiences with my family members, friends and my workplace that press me forward without oars. I have a pure intention to help people shift through topics that impact them and discover strengths they did not know they could access to live as they desire to be!

I will accompany you on your path to heighten awareness of your current state, work with you to modify what you believe will promote your well-being and support a flourishing life as you move forward. All of us have the capacity to take inventory of how we are living, how we want to live, and begin the process of transformation!! How can I help and what resources do you need to assist you?

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