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Updated: Aug 13

I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the theme of future blogs from this coach! I am enjoying new connections to all things and new opportunities in the process as my life unfolds. I accomplished the task with careful attention to details and paying attention to many signs I watched all my life but never visualized them in the capacity I do now.

I have a Cherokee Indian heritage and thanks to my dad, I resonate with nature and I believed in the interwoven aspects of all things long before I began reading book after book in recent years with that exact thread again and again.

I have ideas and messages floating into my mind all the time. Amplification of my new state of being begins way before dawn, when Charlie and I rise to greet the day with an excitement of what will be presented to us. We begin our day with immersion in our nature filled neighborhood. I am so fortunate to be a part of such a thriving energetic area. I hear the shift from the nocturnal creatures to the singing of birds as I am out there gaining energy for the day with every grounded step!

Although messages begin in nature, they continue throughout the day. Communication comes from music, strangers, things I see on cars, signs or whatever. The point is that I pay attention as if a neon light were around each one meant for me!

I am here to be of service and make a positive impact in a world that needs more peace. My blog will feature many of these revelations with pictures of my own to provoke thoughts or maybe other images to drive home the point that we need to take care of all aspects of ourselves to ensure we can fulfill our roles here. My role is coming into view daily and I will reach my destiny, writing, educating and if you allow my assistance, coaching you to do the same through Innerview Welllness Coaching.

Do you have a desire to take on self-discovery? I am here to support you, however that should evolve for you.

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