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Finding the Perfect Well-BEING Coach for You

As we move into a new year, I have a sense of urgency to present information promoting a change in your perspective and the monumental importance of well-being! I can compare personal health in a broad way to objects we own. If you never maintain your car, will it run forever? If you do not care for your home, will issues with the structure and the inner mechanics of the home eventually suffer? From a health perspective, if you do not take inventory of your personal health needs from the inside out, how then do you lead a flourishing, fulfilling life? You can purchase a new car or home, but there is only one YOU!

Coaches are everywhere it seems. When I began my education to gain certification as a wellness coach, I had no idea how many talented people are available from every background working to change the lives of individuals for the better! I see myself as a Paul Revere of well-being personally and enjoy working with others to amplify their capacity in support of the whole of humanity in my distinct way. To heighten my awareness, I lean into my spiritual connection translating to the ideal choices of food, mental perspective, gratitude, self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-respect. The convergence is a better me!

So, who is your coach? Do you even need one? Who are health and wellness coaches? If you are reading this blog, you have some interest in the benefit of wellness and I applaud you! Healthcare has many disciplines working in conjunction to move you beyond a state of illness or a critical situation back to your life! Optimal health prior to unforeseen events promote healing after an illness or trauma.

An entire world of practitioners who are not in the mainstream of healthcare are present to meet your specific needs as you traverse through this life. Humans are so very different; one method cannot suffice for all you may require and only you know what it is! Deciphering information from the enormity of the internet is cumbersome and perhaps you are now or will be led to the same point I encountered when I thought, "why am I looking outside myself when I know me better than anyone else"? The answers came gradually as I pressed on and connected with some key practitioners who exposed my sense of curiosity sparking my inner work, identifying my true nature, and then confidently started marching my own path!

I transitioned from a type "AAA" personality to a much calmer, reflective person and my life is enriched every day from my observations and application of the knowledge arising from my interior. I know we encounter others when we need them and they have just what we are asking for to make sense of something and add another valuable piece to our life puzzle. If I can shift your perspective through writing, stirring quotes on my FB page, a quick connect or an intuitional, reflective coaching session I am fulfilling a facet of my life plan here.

Make a commitment to have an outstanding 2024 as you explore the connection between a healthy body, mind and spirit and relate those discoveries to being a-LIVE! If the writing here engages you, I am here. If not, I encourage you to begin the journey and connect with someone who does inspire you! It is never too late to start something new!! Capitalize on how much you know so far!! Happy New Year!

"The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose the other ages you've been."

Madeleine L'Engle

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