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How to Handle Being on Fire in the Workplace

The English language has many meanings for words depending on the sentence structure and the intent of the writer or speaker. We use different tones to impact the delivery of the words in addition to body language. What does "on fire" mean to you at any given time? Are you so enthused with life you feel you can conquer anything and are marching on your divine path or are you exhausted and believe you are down to embers struggling to find your way?

We all have varying degrees of intensity in situations at home, work, community and when we engage in social media. I am more aware now of my presentation at home or in public versus the person I am in the workplace as I continue my trek to optimal health. I notice I walk with a sort of armor sometimes before I even reach my desk. Heightened moments like this for me are a result of the energy in the building combined with who wanted what yesterday and what is expected of me today. However, these are self-induced and I place myself in a compression sandwich without conscious awareness of my brain activity! The moment I asked myself, silently of course, how much of my life force exited while conducting this accessory hyperactive brain work, was the moment it dissipiated, not completely but much less. Are you aware of how you operate in different situations?

Organizations are implementing wellness and self-care into the framework of benefits to combat healthcare burnout. Do you have the time to engage in these services? Have you developed your own strategies to avoid catching fire and burning out in the moment? One point to ponder is the impact an episode of escalating into raging fire has on your body, mind and Spirit.

An article in APA, Stress Effects on the Body, details responses we endure when our triggers reach us to the point we are helplessly out of control. I learned this the hard way as the culmination of chronic stress literally put me on the ground by my desk leading to an unwelcomed visit to the emergency room with the team thinking I had a heart attack! Fortunately it was only the universal "must be stress" diagnosis. The experience tapped my shoulder hard and I altered my course toward improved health in every way!

So many strategies exist to reign in the mind and body and the key is what works for you. Many resources are available and it takes self-experimentation to find your ideal methods. I know once I understood how my actions were having such a detrimental impact on my physical and mental functions, I had a reason to alter my approach to all things. All of us are a work in progress but again, at least we can choose to make better choices to live a full and flourishing life! Turn your fire into one of illumination for your purpose and prevent embers that lead to disruptions in your well-BEING!

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