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Rising from a Stressful Situation: Raging Fire to Your Inner Light

So, you caught fire, now what? I thought after my previous blog I would follow up with ideas to recover from an intense event. You know we are all human and the playing field of life is our teacher. I think of articles with steps and things we should do, but in the heat of the moment, how much of our action is habit and how much is our ability to slow down to think and process what is going on within us? How I react is a habit, however, in order to get beyond this point, I enact my capacity to change. Lately, I am paying more attention to what occurs, watching myself so to speak.

If I am tired or feel overwhelmed, I cannot present my best self anywhere and that is the time my sensitive triggers are exposed and are easily activated by an event, information, or action of another piercing me deeply, part of the catalyst for self-awareness. What are your triggers? Have you taken the time to track them back to something, primarily a feeling and where that feeling came from to begin with?

My fire feels like flame that moves from me and recedes, like a backdraft! The amount and intensity of the flame is dependent on the energy I provide to it. Again, my choice, and if I can slow down, I do not experience the fallout of my inner criticism of events that linger like hot embers afterwards. For those skilled in fire recognition, flames back and forth under a door or popping through a wall and diminishing indicate a serious fire danger ahead? The combustion of my actions consists of multiple chemical reactions in my body releasing stress hormones I prefer to keep contained or minimized!

In the article, How to Quickly Calm Down When You Get Triggered at Work, Dina Denham Smith reviews several strategies I intend to employ to amplify my skill and maintain neutral in challenging situations. Of the strategies reviewed, distraction and scripting will be my primary focus to support my well-being! Distraction can be anything that shifts our thinking to calmer better images and for me is humor, images of my pup or just thinking of happier times and events to come. Scripting supports neutrality as you speak words to extinguish heat and avoid stoking the fire as in non-violent communication.

Above all, acknowledging everyone on my path and understanding that everything presented to me is an aspect of my transformation is my key. In addition, unless something is physically chasing you, stop running in your mind! Patience has been an elusive aspect of my life, however, moving forward, patience is a cornerstone to my evolution.

I hope some of the information sparks your interest in self-discovery. Let's engage, I enjoy feedback and comments! I look forward to your insight!

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