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Roadrunner Path

Artwork by Ivan Phillipsen

Birds that fly and run on land are impressive in their physical capability. Have you witnessed a road runner move with your own eyes maybe while on a hike or as they speed across or beside a highway you are traveling? They move in a cutting way back and forth and seemingly all over the place. But they know just where they are going, always! It is not a straight line! I continue to move like a road runner although I am not as fast as I was before. The key is faith in the linear upward movement like a trend line on a spreadsheet!

For many years, I thought life must move in a continual upward trajectory continually or I was failing in some aspect of my mission here. The belief was attached to my need for perfection attained when I was young, and I am very happy to say that I no longer carry the label for myself. Perfection is elusive and not for me to achieve, believe me I tried!! Maybe you have too and realize it is a waste of energy, both physical and mental that leads to dis-ease.

I can think of nothing that drives home the up and down nature of life more than the poem The Race.

I have an old copy and I have no idea where it came from but for some reason, I have a file folder in my cabinet with only the title and the one document. As I reflect on how it came to find a space in my file cabinet, I know it is for my review each time I am discouraged and think I am alone.

The key for me is to realize I am never alone, and the inner voice referred to in the writing is his own intuition, the power within him, the still small Spirit voice we all can access if we are still enough to hear.

Listen to yours, you will be surprised what you will realize on your path to self-discovery!

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