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Self-Care and Your Destiny

Updated: Jun 29

Cactus Heart

The picture presented was a photo I took several years ago on a hiking trail on an area Texas lake. I took the picture of a heart in nature. When I view the photo now, it has so much deeper meaning for me as I step forward to my exciting role as a well-being coach. What do you see here? I challenge you to think of a few things as you view the image.

Clearly, the picture is a heart, and this heart has some damage, so it seems but does it really? The challenge is in the perspective, the thorns, or the rose? I do see thorns, but I also see uniformity in the arrangement of the thorns perfectly placed to protect the section during growth. In addition, I see the support the heart cactus has at the solid base allowing growth and development. And the cactus placed perfectly in the sun to gather needed light!

Of course, this takes me life. I picked up several thorns in my heart along this path. Frustrating at the time, but all placed for a purpose to help me evolve and grow. I do not regret any step I made, and I practice daily nourishing my mind, body, and Spirit to have vibrant energy for my daily activities mitigating negative energy ever-present in our society.

Self-care is the core of well-being. Loving who we are and recognizing the power we possess to improve our lives is amazing! I ruminated on my past for too long and hindered my self discovery. I no longer look back but instead, I focus on in the moment present experience day to day! When a distraction comes, my skill to shift is expanding. Freedom is wrapped in the present!

Explore more about yourself to find your inner treasures!

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