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The Art of Fingerprinting a Heart

402 seems to be a random number, however, the small token has an incredible meaning to me. The pins were given to us as we honored our “babysitter” for a birthday after she moved into a nursing home. The local “kids”, now grown, gathered photos of us when we were staying with her and created posters of multiple memories of the time.

The special birthday reunion was organized to thank her and show her our love and recognition for her positive influence on our lives.

She was the second to hold me when I was born and took over the role of my mom when mine passed away in 2002. I hold her in my heart very dearly and the message here is about the importance of service to others even when we may not realize we are being of service in a major way!

She and her daughter handled a total of 402 little souls in her home daycare located in my small Texas town for 35 years! She was an icon and cared for children of past customers she was there for so long! Despite restrictions on the daycare industry and the stress I know she experienced; she never lost the joy of caring for all of us! She loved us, we all were special, and she made sure we knew it!

She absolutely fingerprinted my little heart and mind teaching social skills I needed to manage as I grew in the world. Positioned perfectly in my life, she was a guide then and offered support until she too passed away. She was so very patient, gentle, and understanding with us and I remember her so full of grace even when her body was not so gentle with her.

As I think of her, I am reminded of the value my work and life activities provide to people on my path. All of us touch others in direct and indirect ways. She was a rock that rippled the water of our town carefully raising us when our parents were working to support us.

Stop for a moment and realize that no matter what your occupation is, you touch others in a way only you can deliver! You are a valuable participant in society! Appreciate all you do! Build on that and it will grow expanding your light and renewing your energy for all you engage in. Shifting my perception of my occupation and what I accomplish daily impacts my health tremendously! Self-worth is an incredible healer!

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